Sunday, August 31, 2008


The other day, Eli pointed at what he thought was a picture of me:

Kids say the darnest things, don't they?

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Eli is asleep, slumbering away peacefully
Chad is upstairs showering and shaving
I have just finished cooking two meals for friends
I am sitting in the living room
Listening to the tap-tap-tap of the laptop keys
Listening to the hum of the baby monitor
Listening to the stillness
It is rare,
seemingly unaffordable,
mostly unreachable
But it is here,
the stillness
Exciting times to come
New journeys unfolding
But for now
I am basking in the stillness.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


4 years ago today, at this very moment, I was in a hair stylist's chair. I was laughing, but nervous; excited, but had butterflies. The day had finally come. I was going to make a promise to my fiancee, to love and be completely loyal and devoted to him:

through sickness and in health
through pain and frustration
through joy and excitement
through God's shaping of our lives
through love's growth, endurance and change
through vessels like our children
through financial burdens and blessings
though thick and thin
through God's guidance

On this day, 4 years ago, I promised these things, with Jesus by my side. Jesus is still with us, in between Chad and I:

our cheerleader
our disciplinarian
our connector
our strengthener
our guide
our mediator

Through Jesus, Chad and I have made it this far. And with Him, we will continue to thrive.

HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY CHAD ROBERT! I would do it all again with you a million times over. I am in love with you.

Wow, how things change!! Chad and I are collectively about 50 pounds heavier now than in this picture. I guess that means we are happy, right? :)

Not sure what is going on in this picture, but I am sure Chad said something inappropriate to make everyone you honey. :)

What a great day it was, besides the fact that it was so hot, we were melting away. You cannot beat having friends and family around you, supporting you when you make the best and most important decision and promise in your life. Thanks to all that were there with us. Love you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Is it just me, or do the days of summer seem to be fading? It seems to be getting darker earlier, it is cooler during the day and even cooler at night. I had to put sweats on Eli yesterday morning when we went outside to color. But over the weekend, we had some last days of summer fun at Mom Mom and Pop Pop's. We went swimming and played basketball. It was nice and I will miss those days. But then I get excited for the Eagles to play, for fall to come, for the leaves to turn colors, for the cool nights with windows maybe it isn't so bad. :)

Eli is having fun with Aunt Tine. He loves to jump off of the raft....over and over and over and over.....

Cuddle time with Aunt Tine and of course a chip, which is a treat for Eli at Mom Mom's house...that and when his Pop Pop sneaks him M&Ms, or Nem men Nems as Eli calls them.

Eli loves the water, as this picture truly shows.

Uncle Wes helps Eli out with his basketball skills! Eli loves sports more than anything....well, maybe just as much as the drums.

Here I am showing off my mad skills.....who am I kidding, even in my heyday, I called myself the Dennis Rodman of basketball....I was great at rebounding, but couldn't shoot for the life of me. :)

Hope you are spending your last days of summer in wonderful ways!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Chad and I have a lot of inside jokes. That comes with the package of being married. One of the long running jokes we have is about a lunch bag. Early on in our marriage, Chad really wanted his lunch to be kept cool and needed a bigger bag than an average brown paper bag. So he went out and purchased an insulated lunch bag. I ribbed him about the fact that on it said the words in red, zig zag writing, "EXTREME!". Obviously it was for a kid or maybe a teen, as the tagline for the container was meant to show that the carrier would be EXTREME if they carried it. So I did make fun of Chad's lunch bag....a lot. Whenever I carefully made his sandwiches and put his snacks in baggies to go into the extreme bag, I always had a giggle.
One day, Chad came home from work and I stored the bag in the usual place: on the top shelf of our pantry. As we sat down to eat dinner and chat quietly about our day, I heard something in the pantry hit the ground. I looked at Chad and said "What was that?" and he, without missing a beat, said "Oh that's just my bag being EXTREME!".....the bag had fallen off of the shelf. For some reason, I cracked up about that for weeks. Now whenever inanimate objects mysteriously move, i.e. if wind blows a plastic cup off of a table , we say the cup is being EXTREME! :) Anyway, that was a long story about an inside joke that you probably don't think was even funny, so I will write the infamous words that I hate to hear, but are very true: I guess you had to be there. :)
Yesterday, Chad took the day off work and spent the day with us! It was lots of fun and Eli and Daddy were being EXTREME!
The day started off nicely with some cuddling in the bed.

Then it soon became EXTREME tickling!

EXTREME kid throwing!

EXTREME camera angle!

EXTREME volleyball!

EXTREME sliding!

EXTREME.....not sure what this thing is. :)


We had an EXTREME day! Hope you have one too!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok, every mother thinks her child is the cutest of them all. I am no exception. See evidence above. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Things we have been doing to pass the time while Daddy is away.....

concentrated coloring

deliriously drumming

blowing bodacious bubbles

happily hamming

when all the while, we are missing daddy a TON!

Sunday cannot come fast enough! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008


I have a semi-large family. I am the oldest of four children. There are times that having a large family has been a bit difficult, as far as vying for the attention of our parents as youngsters or now having Sunday family dinners with Mom making a feast for 12! :) But I would not trade being in my family for the world. Of course we have our problems and squabbles. But mostly, we all adore each of our significant others and we all adore each other. We are all good people and love to have fun. And we have amazing parents. Parents whose sole purpose is to make sure we all stick together, through thick and thin, through fun and hurt feelings and through love, as a family. So here are some pictures of family from our trip. This post is very photo heavy, so whenever you get sick of looking, feel free to stop! I just love my family too much. :)

Uncle Wes taking Eli down to the beach.

Chad showing off his pitching abilities....or lack thereof. :)

Aunt Tine
Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Cousin Nathan

Uncle Dee Dee
My brother Dee Dee and his wife Kristin, my sister Christine and her husband Wes
My Mom and Wes competing in the annual Quoits tournament.
Wes showing some mad pitching skills.
My bro Dee Dee pitching too!

My Mom getting ready for some lobster, her favorite!
My Dad, Christine and me playing boccie new favorite game even though I never got above 2.
Christine making a sand castle.
Nathan buried.....don't worry, he asked to be buried.
Aunt Shell and Eli taking a stroll.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I am one of those mommies that lets my son run around in a fountain at the park, fully clothed and has no qualms about it.

I am one of those mommies that you see bolting out of a fitting room of a department store, with a dress half on, chasing after a giggling toddler that thinks it is a fun game to run around the clothing racks and play peekaboo.

I am one of those mommies that when on a walk with friends and their kids, I am trying to keep my tantrum throwing son from hurting himself when he collapses onto the concrete in a pile of tears and frustration because he cannot throw rocks in the pond because it is time to get into the stroller.

I am one of those mommies that is putzing around at home, thinking it is too early to leave for a play date, but when in reality have to grab my son and head out the door in lightning speed because I got the time wrong.

I am one of those mommies that when online at the post office, receives stare after stare because my child is running around the place, jumping, skipping and pointing out Mickey Mouse on the envelopes they sell because he will not be confined to my arms.

I am one of those mommies who cannot stand to hear my son cry so loud and long that he is coughing and about to vomit, so I always answer his cries, every one, even when he calls for me 8 times a night since birth.

I am one of those mommies that is still nursing her son at almost 2 years of age and mighty proud of it.

I am one of those mommies that desperately wants my son to grow to know the Lord as his savior.

I am one of those mommies that basks in the perfect joy of multiple kisses, hugs and eskimo kisses every day, always initiated by my cuddly, loving son.

I am one of those mommies that after putting her son down for a nap and munching on lunch, realizes that I completely forgot about playgroup that morning and missed it entirely.

I am one of those mommies that people may judge and look at strangely because I try to give my son more independence than a usual toddler might have. But I also try very hard to teach him manners and respect. I see other mommies that boast good control of their children and that come when they say to come, the very first time. The bottom line is I try. I try every day. I try to be a mommy that God would be proud of, a mommy that my husband can compare to the Proverbs 31 woman, a mommy whose efforts I can be happy with. I will always fall short and always need God, but I try every day. I may be a flaky scatterbrain, but God has blessed me with a child, and every day I try to make Him proud. Every day I try.