Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Since the end of the year is approaching, I thought I would gather up some memorable quotes uttered by my dear son Eli this year. I just love my son.

"Mommy, I have to go poopy now and I am going to go a huuuge one, bigger than YOU!"

Eli: "Mom Mom has a big house..."
Me: "Yes, she does."
Eli: "How did she get that house?"
Me: "Money."
Eli: "We don't have money..."
Me: "No, we don't."

Eli: (on the potty) "Mommy, they are talking."
Me: "Who is talking?"
Eli: "The poopies in my hiney."

Eli: (poking my love handles) "Mommy, why is this squishy?"

Me: "Wow Eli, a year ago today Evie came out of me."
Eli: "But how did she come out?"
Me: "God made her come out."
Eli: "Yes, but HOW did she come out?"
Me: "Want some more goldfish?"

Eli: "Mommy, I want to say something to God!"
Me: "Ok, what do you want to say?"
Eli: "GOD, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Eli: (yelling from the bathroom) "Ah, this is the most terrible day!! I peed on the wall, I peed on the floor and I peed on the toilet!!"

Eli: "Mommy, I want to see God for real."

Eli: (after hitting his head on the ceiling of the car) "Ow!!"
Me: "Aw Eli, I know that hurt, but you are a tough cookie."
Eli: (serious as can be) "Mommy, I am not a tough cookie, I don't have chocolate chips in me!"

Eli: (playing with his stuffed Mickey Mouse) "Mommy look, Mickey is popping and locking!"

Eli: (after being told that the president makes the rules) " not being allowed to say 'butt'"?

Eli: (dancing, after being told not to pick his nose) "No Mommy, it is a new dance called the finger in the nose dance!"

Eli: (after seeing me look at my dog bite wound) "No Mommy, don't touch it! God will fix it."

Eli: (on our way to Mom Mom's house with donuts) "Mommy, I will share my donut with Mom Mom....but do you now what my favorite thing to share is? Love."

Eli: "Mommy, what did the bear say when he lost his socks? I lost my socks! Get it?? Socks!! Get it??? Hahaha!"

Eli: "Daddy, what does pee and spit mixed together make?"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Evangeline....we don't know her as Evengeline...just Evie. She is almost 19 months old. She has gone 18 months with only 2 words: her first word, 'Eli' and her second, 'up'. At her 18 month appointment, the doctor said in two months if she is still not saying anymore words, we would have to involve speech therapists. So I had my prayer warriors, aka my women's bible study, pray for Evie to speak to us. Over the last 2 weeks she is talking up a storm! Most of it is crazy babbles, screams and delightful banter. But she now says 'mee' for meow, 'hop' for rabbit, 'pwissss' for please, 'puh' for pooh bear, 'cup' and a few other words. This communication is so special because it just brings us all closer!
Evie loves giving zerberts to our bellies and wrestling with Daddy....but she is really all about her big brother. Not only was Eli her first word, but every morning when she wakes up I will hear in the monitor "ella, ella, ella!' which is how she says Eli. He makes her laugh constantly and also makes her angry a lot too. But she truly is enamored with him and it is so heart warming to see.

Evie delights in making funny faces. She can make a scared face and a surprised face when asked to. But it is her faces she just normally makes just to be funny that is hysterical.

He takes such good care of her too. She likes to so somersaults, but it takes her a bit to get all the way over. When she gets in position, Eli always goes over and helps her roll over. He keeps her safe by saying "Evie no, don't do that!!!" when she wants to go behind the television or any other places she isn't allowed. He loves her.

This little gem is such a joy and I love her dearly. She is so fun that I cannot wait to see how her personality develops!