Saturday, April 14, 2012

taking me back

 So....every single photo I have taken of my family has been stored on a hard drive that JUST stopped working.  That is, every photo before September 2, 2010 which is the date these photos below were taken.  At that point, I took so many photos, I got lazy and just uploaded them all into a To Be Filed folder on my desktop thinking to myself  "I will get around to moving them onto the hard drive."....yeah, that never happened.  I am now going through these photos and deleting the ones that I don't want or are too blurry.  But I have a problem.  I. WANT. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  Hi, my name is Denise and I am a photo hoarder.  It is a problem.  A major one.  I need professional help...or a face slap.

Just looking at these photos though, took me back in time.  Evie was 16 months old and Eli was almost 3.  They both look so young, so precious.  I cried tears of sadness that they'll never be this age again, but also tears of joy that God had blessed me with them!  They love each other so much and I know every mom says that about their kids, but I really mean it!  I am a blessed woman for sure!