Wednesday, January 4, 2012

glow sticks + bathtub

Thank you Pinterest for the idea of glow sticks in the bathtub.  Instant hit with the kids and I had a blast photographing!  Still want to photograph more and experiment more.  :)



oozing joy

hmmm...kinda wondering if she likes her new music box.  :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

fuzzy bear

A few weeks ago, it was Eli's turn to take Fuzzy Bear home from his preschool class.  Fuzzy Bear, or FB as his friends call him, is very cool.  We took him everywhere we went and documented the great times we had.  Eli took him to his soccer game and FB watched from the sidelines and cheered him on.

FB likes to snuggle so when Eli was playing his game, Evie held him and kept him company.  We had some good times with FB.

He told the funniest jokes!  But people aren't perfect and neither are bears, apparently.

FB had to sit in many time outs for getting to rough.  But he always said sorry and Eli always forgave him.  When FB wasn't in a time out, we played a game of hide and seek too!

FB was a great hider...we could never find him!  And when we did find him, he was sooooo popular that Eli and Evie both wanted to play with him and we almost lost FB to a nasty tug of war injury!

But FB was a tough bear and we said goodbye to him until he could get a washing from Mrs. Ruth and then to his next friend's house!

*Can you tell a tornado of toys ripped through our house while we were simultaneously watching an Eagles game?  :)

oh the places we go...nov and dec

 Thanksgiving class concert at Eli's preschool.

 Last day of soccer as a Purple Dragon!

 We witnessed the marriage of Chad's friend of tens of years Chris and his bride Rachel.

 Crazy fun wedding!

The Stare at Longwood Gardens. 

Lots of friend birthdays in the fall, this one including adults getting beat up the kids who liked it! 

Hurricane machine, hoooooooo!!! 

Eli and one of his best buds Brody. 

Eli and one of his other best buds Ryder. 

Glenn's birthday party...after bouncing nonstop for two hours, they look exhausted, but they rocked it. 

The kids got to hold Percy and Thomas at Longwood and were thrilled!  Thomas is to our kids as Justin Beiber is to a prepubescent girl. 

 Longwood love.

Can you see me taking the photo? 

 Christmas concert at Hopewell.  These three have known each other since they were 15 months old!

Some cookie action after the concert.