Friday, May 7, 2010


evangeline has been with us for 12 months!
she loves sharp cheddar cheese, black beans and chicken breast
she gives us slobbery kisses when we ask
when we say 'woof!' she will say it too (her own version)
she is walking, or waddling it looks more like
she happily lets her brother tackle her something fierce
her daily activities include emptying everything, bookshelves, dvd shelves, cabinets.....
she loves touch and feel books and anything that isn't one she gets bored with
she still LOVES to be sung to...anything and everything will either make her laugh or calm her
she is a cuddler and will snuggle into your chest when she is being shy or feels tired
she is so fun loving and loves to be held upside down...over and over...and over....and over.....
happy first birthday evangeline! we love you!