Monday, November 23, 2009


Children are so imaginative. Eli's imagination makes me laugh and marvel on a daily basis. It is amazing to me that imagination is hard wired into anyone. I am not very imaginative. Chad is uber imaginative. He takes nothing and makes something extraordinary with it. I think that is where Eli gets it.
Not that this is hugely imaginative, but I thought it was cute. We have this DVD box set of Christmas DVD's that we have taken out recently since Christmas is right around the corner.

Eli likes to look at the DVD's we have and this box set is no exception. He opened it and looked at the DVD's inside.

Immediately, he puts the DVD's down and proceeds to 'scratch' like a DJ.

He knows what a DJ does because his Daddy used to be heavy into that and he has seen it done on television. I have seen that box set before and never had made that connection. But of course Eli did.

Crazy kid.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Wow, I have not been updating our blog very often. As some of you may know, I am in the process of beginning to start a photography business and needless to say, it has been a bit busy for me and my family. It keeps me up later in the night, editing photos and learning through online tutorials. Plus, I have been waking up at 5am to work out in the morning, which makes me a tired mama. Excuses, excuses....

Anyway, here are some updates on us:

Evangeline: She is now over 6 months old! I cannot believe it!! She sits up very well and loves her sippy cup. Just the mere sight of her cup and she goes into a frenzy trying to grab it and drink.

She is on solid foods now and eats very well and opens her mouth super wide. She smiles and laughs so much and is really such an easy baby. Like her brother, she is a VERY early riser, most mornings before 6am.

At her 6 month appointment, I was told she has a mild case of torticollis which is when the muscle of one side of a baby's neck is tighter than the other and causes the head to tilt to one side. She has been to one physical therapy appointment so far and it went well. It looks like the condition was caused by the way she was positioned in my uterus, according to the therapist. She gave us lots of stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home with Evie and she has been doing fine with them so far.

Elijah: He turned 3 in October! WOW! For his birthday, we had him and Evangeline dedicated at church and then came back home to an Eagles themed family birthday party. He even wore his Eagles uniform Halloween costume. SPeaking of Halloween, he was a DeSean Jackson and would say so whoever asked. Evie was a Ladybug.

Eli loves preschool. His teacher said he was a quiet boy and when I heard that, I almost fell over in shock. This just proves he is a different boy there than he is with us.

He loves to play in the gym at school. He is still doing soccer through USTC and next session he will be without Daddy on the field. Our boy is moving up! We shall see how that goes. He loves, loves, loves Evie. He kisses her and holds her and loves to have her ride on his shoulders. She loves it too and just laughs and laughs.

Chad: Chad's business is slowly, but steadily building which is a blessing. He is such a hard worker. I beg him to take a day off here or there, but he always brutally rebuffs me. He also does the laundry now (since his office is right next door to the washer) and gets up with the kids every weekday morning at the crack of dawn so that I can exercise. What a wonderful man. Of course he stands to benefit a little from my losing weight too. haha. He has a men's bible study on Thursday nights which he really loves. We still have our Friday DVR night which consists of ice cream and Flash Forward/Biggest Loser or a Netflix movie.

Me: As I said before, I am just trying to learn more about photography and building my portfolio. I will probably launch in January or February. My exercising is going well and I am down to pre-Evie weight, but not quite at pre-Eli weight. Besides being exhausted, I feel good and very blessed. I use that word a lot, blessed. But it truly depicts how I feel 100% of the time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Evangeline is a growing up fast! She has never had a bottle before, but she loves her cup! Well, it is actually Eli's cup, but she doesn't care. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a drinker!