Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Eli started swim lessons yesterday. They are not going well so far. He cries basically the entire time which breaks both Chad's and my hearts watching him. Eli, Chad and I have prayed that God will Eli bravery. He says he wants to be like David and defeat the giant. I have faith he will. I have hope things will look up....literally. :) I will keep you posted. In the meantime, the above photo is Eli in happier, backyard-foot-high-water-in-the-blow-up-swim-pool times.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


A day in the life of us with Eli....this is long, but if you are a parent it is worth the read.

If you are anywhere near the floor, you are completely vulnerable and unsafe. Eli will pounce like a lion playing with its food. He jumps right onto you with no notice or warning of any kind. He gives zerbert after zerbert on your belly, he will suck on your arm until you get a hickey. He will jump on your back, cover your eyes and propel himself over your head and onto your lap. And all of this occurs within the first minute you decide to pleasantly sit on the floor.

With Evie, he will try to gently put her on the ground (unsuccessfully gentle most of the time) and poke her in the nose. He will lay on top her and give her zerberts galore. He will put his arms around her and squeeze her tight. He likes to suck on her ears.

Eli needs to have someone in the room with him at all times, most importantly sitting next to him. And sitting next to Eli isn't in the form of him on one cushion of the couch and me on another. It is Eli and I both on half a cushion. His legs are intertwined with mine, he insists on a blanket to cover us and his hand is almost always on my nose.

Around 5 months old, I would nurse Eli to sleep and he would reach up and touch my nose. My nose was his 'lovey' to help him to fall asleep. To this day, we lay with him for him to go to sleep and he STILL touches our nose to fall asleep. He loves us to lay next to him and his face is so close to ours that we are breathing each other's carbon dioxide.

At any store, he feels compelled to touch EVERYTHING, as most children do. A dear friend of mine told me about the idea of having him only touch with one finger. I thought it was genius and it works for about 2 minutes. I know kids like to explore with their hands, but Eli is more unique. He stacks soup cans, butter, cheese; he takes the bottom apple holding the other 50 or so apples up and of course they all fall to the ground.

What is the common denominator in all of these stories? It would seem that Eli feels compelled to touch. Like it is ingrained in him. Like God made him that way. It is as if God graces us with a specific, strong desire/trait in which we give and receive love.

I am reading this book: The 5 Love Languages of Children. It is a MUST READ for parents. There are five main ways that children (and adults): physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service and gift giving. This book has helped me understand that Eli's love language is (you guessed it): physical touch. He needs to be touched to feel the most loved. Of course we tell him we love him, spend quality time with him, etc., but he feels MOST loved AND gives love in these ways: hugs, kisses, wrestling, snuggling on the couch, touching our noses, wrestling and pestering Evie and tackling anyone brave enough to be on our floor.

The book also mentions something called a child's emotional tank or love tank. Here, the authors explain: "By speaking your child's love language, you can fill his emotional tank with love. When your child feels loved, he is much easier to discipline and train than when his emotional tank is running near empty. Every child has an emotional tank, a place of emotional strength that can fuel him through the challenging days of childhood and adolescence. Just as cars are powered by reserves in the gas tank, our children are fueled from their emotional tanks. We must fill our children's emotional tanks for them to operate as they should and reach their potential." The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman, M.D. and Ross Campbell, Ph.D

It also talks about how to discipline with your child's love language in mind, how to unconditionally love your children (unruly or not) and how to discover your child's love language to begin with. I am not even half way through this book and I have instituted a few of its methods. Eli seems to be really responding to these methods in certain areas, for example trying new things (namely food). Please read this book.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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This is my dear friend Melissa who I have been friends with for over 15 years. High school friends who have kept in touch all this time. I love her like a sister. She is beautiful inside and out. Here she is with her daughter who will be one just a few short weeks. This photo truly captures the heart of this woman because you can see the love she has for her daughter. Mel, I love you so much! You are a wonderful mother and a generous, sweet friend. Thanks for loving me. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Our dearest Evangeline turned one...mmmm....about a month and a half ago. A friend of mine posted photos of her daughter's birthday and it reminded me that I never posted ANY for Evangeline's. What kind of mother am I, right? So here they are. She was delightful, as usual...except for causing trouble with her twin cousins. It starts young.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sometimes I think that since now I am in the photography business, that there is this pressure for me to only post photos that are my best and ones taken with my new, honking big camera. Well, I have a confession to make. I own a smaller, thin, extremely portable camera that I keep in my purse for those times when my huge camera will just be a hindrance. Plus, if I lug my nice one around everywhere we go, it could get damaged which I couldn't bear. If I didn't have my small and thin one and only used my nice one, all of my photos would be of the kids in green pastures or a million zillion close up shots (I am partial to those!). You'd think that is all we do.

Well, below I posted a plethora of photos from now all the way back to March to show the things we have been doing. And these were taken with my smaller thin camera. Hi, my name is Denise and I am not afraid to admit I have another camera.


We found/almost ran over a turtle in our development.

As you can see, Eli's hit went up to the waist of the clown....

Evie basically wanted to do everything Eli did, so here she is wanting to take a swing at it.

The wind was whipping and it drizzled on us, but Eli had fun and that is all that mattered.

Every few days, I will look back in the rear view mirror and see this...they love each other.




The kid loves to eat cheese curls.

The kids loves to if we could only get her to stop eating grass.



Eli trying to look scared because he was in the mouth of a shark! He has his Daddy's sense of humor.