Monday, July 25, 2011

Photography: The DeBlasio Family

My dear friend Molly won a free session from me last year and we JUST were able to do our session.  This is the second time I have photographed her fun, gorgeous family and as always I had a great time.  I love everything about Molly and her family, their vivaciousness, their sincerity, their love for one another, just everything.  Molly, you are so sweet and I love you more than you know.  Hope you enjoy the photos!

Monday, July 11, 2011

accomplishments in swimming

Eli and Evie have been swimming A LOT this summer.  Eli has been in swim lessons for a long time and though he has a lot of fear (hm, wonder where he gets that from?), I know he can do more than he thinks he can.  But since our little guy is so sensitive, we are going with his pace.  Evie has been swimming in the baby pool while Eli does his lessons and she has come leaps and bounds!  She watches Eli and just wants to do everything he does and more.  It is wonderful to see your kids progress in something!  The progression is in their own timing, but it is progression. 

The video below shows Evie's new trick.  She can jump in the water, go completely under and come up all by herself.  She only turned 2 in May so I feel like this is a big accomplishment for her, but it probably is something all kids her age can do.  But I am still proud of her!

In this video, Eli demonstrates his new trick.  He does a flip off the diving board....three quarters of a flip, but a flip nonetheless.  I am very proud of him too. Unlike Evie who will try anything, Eli does his own thing in his own timing.  So the fact that he even attempted this was an accomplishment for him.  :)