Tuesday, July 28, 2009



why is my life so chaotic to me?

I have a husband who helps me in every way, even doing loads and loads of laundry during his work day
Two children, who give me kisses happily whenever I ask
A home, that is cool on warm days and warm on cool ones
Cars to take us where we want to go, whenever we want to go
A God that loves me and blesses me though I don't ever thank him enough or spend enough time with Him

So why is my life so chaotic to me?

Because the eyes that I see through are not the ones that God sees through. I need to take the time and enjoy the view that He sees.

God put love in my life
God sees His interventions in order to direct my path
God sees Him and I together in heaven (boy, do I have a lot of questions for him!)

God sees through the distractions. Life is so chaotic to me because I cannot see through the distractions.


I want to say, "God, please take these distractions and melt them away into oblivion."

But I need to do it (with His help). Like the old adage says:

There was a man in a flood on the roof of his house. A boat came to rescue him, but he said "No thanks, I have faith that God will save me." Then a helicopter came to rescue him and he said "No thanks, I have faith that God will save me." When that man drowned in that flood and got to talk to God, he asked why God hadn't saved him. God's reply: " I sent the boat and the helicopter."

I need to make changes and with God's help I can. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Why can't I look like this again??? Oh yes, is it because I don't have money or time to go tanning, fake or real, PLUS I already have brutal crow's feet?? Is it also because I birthed two children whose births AND rearing have taken a toll on my body (even though I love them more than life)?? Or is it because I am lazy and just eat whatever is in front of me until I combust?

You know it is bad when your husband massages YOUR BACK and you can feel him trying to get through the fat to reach muscle! Who gets back fat, seriously??!!? Oh Was it the hot dog cravings and total lack of eating discipline while pregnant with Evie that started this spiraling downhill decent into obesity?

Sooooo, after this vacation, no more. I am dedicated to eating healthy and exercising. I started well a few weeks back and actually lost 5 pounds, but being sidelined by a knee fracture didn't help Operation Body Shrinkage. On Tuesday, I should be cleared for exercise again and at that point I will have a new assignment: Operation Back Fat/Stomach Fat/Thigh Cellulite/Hiney Shelf Vaporizing.

Chad and I both have dedicated ourselves to this cause. We will post our weight on our fridge each week, for everyone to see who comes and visits. We will keep each other accountable.

  • Fat it Up Fridays will be replaced with Low Fat Fridays.

  • Blizzards with extra stuff will now become 1/2 cup frozen yogurt.

  • Getting up at 6:30am with the kids will now be getting up at 5:30am BEFORE the kids.

  • Chad's 'Calorie Bomb' consisting of a WaWa milkshake and apple pie is no more.

We can do this. Of course our bodies from when we were married will probably never be back....and I have accepted this fact. But I just want to lose weight, be healthy, exercise more and feel good about myself, as does Chad.

There.....whew. It felt good to get that out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


This vacation was an interesting one.....

Vacationing in a warm, sunny climate with a 2 month old AND a 2 year old.

Evangeline was strictly prohibited from the beach by our pediatrician.

Elijah was a tired mess of tears by, oh, around 2pm because of off the charts activity and no nap.

With Chad and I both planning on doing a man to man defense, we thought we could pull it off.

But actually, because of our defense strategy, we were like two ships passing in the night.

Even so, we had a blast, filled with:

Fattening, but delicious seafood (Crab Trap's Clams Casino is mouth watering!)

Wii tournaments to the death

Marita's ice cream virtually every night (Reese's Pieces Splendid Blended with chocolate ice cream!)

Rides, rides and more rides (OC and SIC!)

Getting locked out of our rented house

Cape May Zoo (watching monkeys mating....yikes! Explain THAT to a 2 year old!)

MaryAnne's doughnuts EVERY morning (coffee rolls and chocolate with creme inside!)
Family portraits on the beach
Laughing so hard my stomach ached for more

Eli liked the beach, especially the sand, though once his hands were sandy, he could not touch anything else until they were washed off.
He skin boarded on his stomach on a body board that Chad pulled.

He LOVED the rides, especially the log flume.

Seeing the smiles of sheer excitement on his face every day when he realized where he was was priceless.

Evie was good as gold, sleeping through dinners out and only waking once a night.

She is truly a joy, smiling this huge grin with her mouth wide open.

She also did poop her weekly poop and as usual, soaked through her outfit.

We have been doing this trip for 4 years now, my parents, my siblings, their spouses and all of our children with more to come in the next year. We look forward to this trip all year. Chad and I actually talked about next year's trip on the way home and how excited we were for it. Family + Seashore = Heaven (even if I only spent 4 hours at the beach and have no tan!) :) Thank you Dad for making it happen!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Going through some old pics of Eli.....the time went so fast, I didn't even get to enjoy it the way I wanted to.


Elijah 2 months old

Evangeline 2 months old

Elijah 2.5 years old (still fits!)

Now THAT is getting your money's worth!