Wednesday, December 30, 2009


handsome beauty

shirtless wonder

christmas day

santa in coatesville

playing and loving

first cold....

first snow....




Friday, December 18, 2009


Last year, I believe, my mom gave me this ornament that had adorned her Christmas tree for 30 some years. It was my first ornament. It now hangs on our family Christmas tree. And though it taunts me as it reminds me of my ever increasing age, I love it because of it's age and it's timelessness.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


sooo.....the lack of time, funds and organization on my part has made me decide not to send out christmas cards this year. i only hope that our friends don't stop sending them to us next year thinking we didn't send them one this year. oh well.

here are the pictures i was going to use for the cards. as you can see, all of the below pictures would not be able to fit on one photo christmas card. i just couldn't decide which ones to use! why do kids have to be so darn cute?!?! merry christmas!!!!!!


ah, the infamous potty. something that a 3 year old could be afraid of....seriously, where does our poop go when we flush? a good question, if you ask me.

potty training was non existent for some time in our house. we thought we would have eli try during the summer. he was peeing before his bath every night and his diapers were somewhat dry in the morning. so we tried potty training with him and boy, did he rebel. did NOT want to even TRY to go in the potty. when presented with pull ups, at the mere sight of them he ran away, screaming with fear. and so started the wait.

we thought we would wait and try again in a few weeks....same thing happened again. and so we just thought we would wait until he was ready.

after thanksgiving, he was ready. he went two weeks with only 1 peeing and 1 pooping accident. it was like an early christmas miracle! i thought potty training would be a very tough experience for both Eli and us as parents. within the two weeks of him being trained, he would go potty all by himself, most of the time without us even noticing. we would just hear the flush.

how did this all become so easy?!?!!! i am one lucky mama for SURE!

but now i have to find out if it is healthy for a 3 year old to only go potty 3 times a, can that kid hold his pee!