Wednesday, March 24, 2010


evangeline waiting ever so patiently for summer to grace us with its presence.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here are some recent photos of Evangeline and some things she is into doing right now at 10 months old! She is walking from one thing to another by herself now which is very nerve wracking, but so fun! Her favorite things to ealk between are me and Chad....back and forth, back and forth, giggling the whole time!

March with Evangeline has been fun so far! These past few days have been heavenly. And even though she has an ear infection, she has been a trooper.

Evie loves to hear songs sung to her. Any songs will compel her to stop what she is doing, look at you and smile....sometimes even clap.

Evie's first battle wound....she fought the tv stand and the tv stand won.

Evie HATES the doctor already. She vice grips me even just when I try to put her on the scale. When the doctor comes in, she wails. Poor thing. And I am not even going to get into her reaction to shots.

Evie's favorite pastime is pulling every book from the bookshelf onto the floor and then perusing them. Her favorite book is 10 Little Ladybugs.
Evie LOVES the swings! It was so cute to see her on one for the first time. Her smile was so infectious!
High pink shoes.

Evie gets up at the crack of dawn like her brother. We can't get a break, but she sure is cute making sounds into the monitor.

Evie is really into immitation. She likes to yell and then look and listen for us to yell too. This goes on and on and it is a fun little game!

We taught Evie to clap when we say 'clap, Evie, clap'. She loves it because she loves to hear our expressions!

Evie eats well and still loves to drink water. Any sight of a sippy cup and she is all over it, making sucking sounds with her mouth before she even gets to the cup.

Monday, March 1, 2010


as eli gets older, his questions become more complicated, which is very interesting, especially when i am not sure the answer.

a little background.....we have been praying for the people of haiti at night with eli. we explain to him that the earth shook and that children's houses fell down. we explain that God did this for a reason, a good reason, but we don't understand why right now. we tell him that they need us to pray for them. he gets it and prays for them, which is both incredibly cute and very astute.

so getting back to my story, one day in the car eli asks me:

eli: mommy, what made the houses fall down in haiti?
me: an earthquake.
eli: houses fell in the grass?
me: yup
eli: what is under the grass?
me: dirt
eli: what is under the dirt?
me: um....(having to dig back in my brain to science class)....lava?
eli: no, lava is in bolcanoes
me: yes it is, but lava is under the ground too
eli: is it in the hole in the bolcano?
me: yes, in the hole inside the volcano
eli: what is lava, i mean what is in it?
me: (silence)....ummmmm.....daddy knows, ask him.

how sad is it that i couldn't think that lava is melted rock? of course after a few minutes it hit me, but HELLO?!?!!? how dumb am i? sheesh.

but these questions, these probing questions come at a breakneck pace as of late. and if i cannot think on my toes and reach back into my childhood brain (or even college brain!)about such elementary subjects, how will i handle more complicated questions, much less the birds and the bees discussion.....another one i will throw daddy's way, i guess.

and the worst part about this? i have two bachelors degrees in education......