Thursday, November 4, 2010

tornado tim!

Eli is obsessed with tornadoes. It is a crazy obsession. He has checked out every tornado book out of the library that they have...multiple times! He was a tornado for Halloween. He loves to watch videos on the computer of a certain tornado chaser named Tornado Tim. He LOVES him and wants to be him so badly. We even play TT (as I like to call him...'cause I'm cool like that) with one of his Diego Jeeps and he has a matchbox car inside the jeep who is TT and he drives around looking for tornadoes. He often asks to pull the car over so that we can pretend to watch and videotape a tornado. Whenever he has a crayon in his hand, he draws tornadoes every time. Ummm, so do you believe this is an obsession yet??? :)

So more than a month ago, I sent TT an email and told him of Eli's love for tornadoes. He wrote back and said he would try to send him something. After a few weeks went by and I didn't get anything, I was happy I decided not to tell Eli that I contacted him. BUT.....last week, there was an envelope with Eli's name on it! When I saw it was from Tim Baker, I started to scream! Eli was so excited and we opened it right away! He sent Eli photos of his tornado chaser car and him on film because he is on a show called Tornado Road on the Weather Channel. He also sent a tornado chaser book. This little boy is in HEAVEN!

birthday 2 and 3

Eli had 3 birthdays this with his friends, one with my side of the family and one with Chad's parents. Now, you may think I did it that way so that I wouldn't have to host and you would be correct.....just kidding. Anyway, Eli is a lucky kid to have so many friends and family that love him.
tornado cake as requested

devouring said tornado cake

eli's expression when he saw that nana and poppy got him a bike!

who knew desean jackson liked bikes with training wheels....

the days was crazy for evie too and during dinner she just passed out. it was cute.

celebrating at my parents' house....eli loves his 'neminems...and consequently, so does mommy.

more cake....

the ultimate....real golf clubs! goodbye plastic taped up cheapo clubs!

evie doing what she does best....bite and eat EVERYTHING!

eli strutting his stuff

i am sorry, but this 4 year old kid is awesome.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The belly laughs that come from this girl are just mesmerizing!